Structural steel is an important and often costly part of building a new home. At Dowcon Pty Ltd we have had a number of years experience building new homes and with that experience we have tailored our steel contracting service to the needs of builders. We offer many benefits to domestic builders which include:


Fast Turnaround

Dowcon always has a team ready for your job, even at short notice. Steel for most jobs can be ordered at one day's notice, delivered within two days and installed in a further two days.


Steel fabricated on site can be easily adapted to suit variations from the plans and unexpected changes. Dowcon staff carry the necessary tools to efficiently deal with any issues as they arise.

Quality Workmanship

All work is performed and supervised by qualified trades-people to ensure a professional result every time.

Cost Effective

With very low overheads and the elimination of drafting, CNC machining, factory fabrication and double transport, Dowcon can provide industry beating prices.

No Risk

Onsite fabrication means no need to sign off on complicated shop drawings. Dowcon takes complete responsibility for the steel work, from planning to an approved inspection.

Access Your Funds

Fast installation means the framing stage will be finalised more quickly, so you can access your funding for your next stage.