At Dowcon Steel we aim to provide our customers with a start to finish solution for residential structural steel, starting with a full take off from your working drawings and engineering plans. Our normal process includes:

  • Take off from plans
  • Calculation of all steel members based on weight
  • Evaluation of any lifting requirements
  • Site visit to inspect the site access and layout
  • Fixed price quotation including lifting charges as required with no hidden extras
  • Liaise with carpenters during set-out and framing
  • Full service installation including onsite fabrication and welding where required
  • Painting of welded joins or whole members as quoted
  • Any additional installation works as required (upper floor members etc.)

At Dowcon Steel we take communication very seriously, this means open communication with the builder from start to finish, as well as communication with other trades on-site to make sure your project runs smoothly, and is completed as quickly as possible.