Structural steel service

Our structural steel service is loosely based around $4,850 + GST / tonne for mild steel supplied, fabricated and installed with a coat of primer (including crane costs if required). Most quotes for medium level residential construction projects are returned with a price close to this rate. The details of the job affect this and the final price depends on the quantity of columns, the average weight per piece, the engineering specifications, the size and efficiency of the job, the quantity and type of connections and various other aspects. Please send us your plans and we will have you a quote back very quickly.

Galvanised brick and retaining wall members

Dowcon Steel has a wide range of products available and keeps much of it in stock ready to go. If you need it for construction, we have it for you. Please see our price and stock list for details on these products and compare us to other suppliers.

On-site welding and fabrication

Dowcon Steel offers on-site MIG and Arc welding as well as various other fabrication services.

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