Fabrication and Steel Data

Chinese fabrication

Importing Fabricated Steel

With a strong Australian dollar and a large and low cost manufacturing sector in China, it can be cost effective to have steel manufactured in China for Australian building projects. There are many hurdles to importing pre-manufactured steel from China for this purpose, but Dowcon can manage it. From planning and detailing, manufacturing, importing and erection, Dowcon can arrange the total package for a fixed price. For projects over 50 tonne in total weight, this can often be a worthwhile process.

Importing steel that has been fabricated in China has one key advantage: It is much cheaper. Typically steel can be supplied and fabricated in China for around the rate of retail raw steel in Australia. To make this purchase work, there are many problems and issues that must be overcome. Dowcon can make it happen.

From accepting Dowcons fixed price quote to erection is usually 12-16 weeks. In this time the steel will be detailed, a tender will go out to Chinese suppliers, the steel will be fabricated, checked by Dowcon representatives, shipped to Australia and erected by Dowcon.


Steel in China is made to different standards to the steel in Australia. China has different standard strength grades and has a similar range of sections, but all are slightly different. There are two methos of dealing with this. The first is to substitute the Australian sizes for the next stronger Chinese equivalent. A better option is to have the engineer design to Chinese standards. Information on Chinese sizes and strengths can be provided by Dowcon.

Ordering and Importing

Dowcon has established contacts in China for supply of fabricated steel products. When buying from China, products need to be checked before payment, which involves travel to China. Dowcon will inspect the quality of the steel, welding and check them against shop drawings before payment to Chinese suppliers.

Steel Erection

Steel erection is a difficult task that requires professional help. Dowcon will use its experienced and qualified tradespeople to erect your steel to complete the contract.