Mavi Homes

Mavi Homes are specialists in renovations, unit developments and all other types of new homes throughout Melbourne. Dowcon Structural Steel Melbourne have supplied and installed the steel for a number of Mavi projects and always look forward to working with Mavi in the future. Dowcon would highly recommend this builder to anyone needing construction work undertaken.

Handy Steel

Dowcon Structural Steel Melbourne have, at the time of writing, purchased all their steel from Handy Steel. Handy's excellent service and commitment to providing competitive prices makes their business stand out amongst steel suppliers to all of Melbourne. From the small piece of steel needed this afternoon to the major construction order for a unit development, Handy's prices, service and free delivery will win out every time. Dowcon Steel could not recommend this supplier more strongly.

HDL Enterprises

Dowcon Structural Steel Melbourne have completed a number of structural steel jobs with HDL Enterprises. HDL show a commitment to producing high quality work, with a hands on approach to a smooth meshing of the numerous trades involved in any construction project. Harry is a good builder and will not disappoint if you need something constructed.


Dowcon Structural Steel Melbourne are currently working on their second regional project with Swenrick. The first was an amazing octagonal building in Marysville which would have looked quite at home in a James Bond film. Swenrick build all kinds of homes, particularly in regional areas and their long established track record precedes them. Dowcon Steel highly recommends this builder.