We're serious about estimating

In order to provide a quote as quickly as possible, please send us an email with your contact details to estimation@dowcon.com.au and attach the following documents (create a zip file if needed):

  • Working drawings/architectural plans
  • Structural drawings/engineering plans
  • Site plan and demolition plan (if available)
  • BOQ/existing take-off (required for a 24 hour quote turnaround)

We'll need you to advise us of the following details when you request a quote:

  • Whether you are tendering, or if the job is yours and is currently active/live
  • When you expect the project to commence on-site
  • When you expect to be ready for steel delivery and installation

Why choose us?

From estimation to fabrication, supply and installation, we'll support you right from the start

You can depend on us for experience and for our knowledgeable, multidisciplinary teams. Teams who operate in our steel factory, our offices and across Victoria, learning and sharing what works, and what doesn't. We strive to be the best in what we do, using consistent and proven methods and tools to draw on the full breadth of our capabilities to help you, wherever you might be.

Our estimating services include:

  • Providing high quality estimations that are flexible and functional, to help you achieve your desired project outcomes with confidence
  • Collaborating with you in regards to the scope, staging and planning of each project
  • Evaluating site access and other related issues to find the best possible solution for you and your clients
  • Accelerating work orders in support of project management goals
  • Estimating off preliminary designs and sketches to help you determine the affordability of each job
  • Assisting with cost-effective changes to deliver reduced cost on some items